Founded Minneapolis 2003


“The state or quality of excelling or being exceptionally good; extreme merit; superiority”

What is it about your company that creates loyal customers? What makes your employees love working for you? Is your company culture aligned with your strategy? These simple questions hold the key to your future growth and success. Understanding the answers to these questions separates the good from the great.

Founded in the Twin Cities in 2003, PerformanceScope helps clients answer these questions, turning guest and employee feedback into actionable insight and helping companies align strategy and culture. With this insight comes the opportunity to shape a foundation for more loyal guests, more engaged employees and a healthier company.

With over 30 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Founder and CEO Mark Netsch (www.linkedin.com) knows firsthand the impact that accurate insight can have on a company and how to balance theory with execution. As a boutique market research firm, PerformanceScope takes a consultative approach to helping clients go from good to great, and from great to excellent.

Core Values


Provide clients the highest level of service possible across all levels of their organization – from the CEO to the store manager and guest. Be both responsive to needs and proactive with insights; ask questions, and make recommendations. Be a valuable part of the clients team and considered “one of our own”.


Help clients create a vision of excellence and a roadmap forward to achieve it.  Create and make available innovations like normative segment surveys allowing operators to gauge results in the context of segment’s performance.


Provide real-time insight aligned with operational objectives and customer touch points to create a powerful program to drive satisfaction and loyalty.  Leverage technologies to create intelligent surveys and systems that drive desired behaviors.

“From day one, Mark has been available and delivers a high level of customer service. He genuinely cares and reacts in real time, all the time. We have been a client of PerformanceScope for years and their attentiveness to our needs has always been stellar and Mark has always lead that charge. Our relationship has always been one of a partnership and collaboration. You sense that Mark and PerformanceScope truly care about the client and really listen to find out what is most important. We are fortunate to have such a positive long term relationship with a company that proves to us regularly why we do business with them by delivering above and beyond.”

~ Doris K. Director of Operations Iron Hill Brewery