FACT: Fewer than 50% of dissatisfied guests tell a manager or server

Instead…guests post their feelings on Facebook, Twitter and Yelp. How do your guests rate you on taste and flavor of food, prompt and attentive service, likelihood to recommend? How do you compare to the industry? If you’re relying on table visits, I have bad news.



Manager (table visit): How was everything?

Guest: Fine, thank you.

Manager: Wonderful, thank you for coming in. We look forward to seeing you again soon.


Guest (on yelp): A table of four, we waited ten minutes to be seated. When we were finally seated the restaurant was only half full and there were several dirty tables.  Our waters were not refilled and my salad was soaked in dressing although I clearly asked for dressing on the side. The food was average and the service lacking.


Fortunately, guests will tell you what they really think in surveys.  The honest guest insight almost always shocks clients at first.

PerformanceScope’s Guest Excellence program provides sustained competitive advantage and critical ongoing guest insight. It creates a culture of measurement and accountability.  Peter Drucker said it best, “what gets measured gets managed”.

VOC Cycle


“My past experience has been with secret shoppers and I have never felt that they did any good. All the focus is on the negative or what was wrong. Why didn’t you get a 100%? What could we have done to do better?

PerformanceScope’s Guest Excellence Program focuses on returning guests and it gives me a chance to hear from real guests, not people who are paid (and get reimbursed for their meal) to find things wrong.

Guest Excellence gives me a feel for how my normal everyday guest perceives my whole operation. And the survey alerts tie in very well with the One Minute Manager.” ~Jay Reis – Operations Manager Pine Mountain Lake


LeBou“PerformanceScope’s Guest Excellence Program provided us with the critical guest feedback we were missing. The focus on excellence is helping Le Boulanger to create a culture of excellence in the service and product we provide each guest, each and every day.” ~ Maria Aleman, Director of Retail Operations Le Boulanger Bakery Café



Get into your guests’ heads.  Find out what they really think about your food, service, atmosphere and hold teams accountable for guest experience.

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